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About Subscription

  • Watch 4300 Live channels in 25 languages
  • Get movies library with 5000 built in movies
  • Works with any AMAZON TV device
  • Easy activation process
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Watch Live on AMAZON Fire TV (Stick / Box)

Get your favorite tv channels and watch them live on your amazon fire tv (for stick or box)

No cable needed any more! say good bye to cable and Dish!

Welcome a new TV watching experience!

internet TV Era

Start Watching Today

Follow these steps to activate live tv and movies library on your Amazon FireDevice

1– Search your apps, find and install the APP (IPTV) if not installed

** The app Icon looks like this image:   

2–  Select the period you want to subscribe and finish the checkout process

3-  After you checkout, we will email you a link to download (channels file list) and detailed instructions to upload the channels to your Fire TV Device

You can request a full refund within 48 hours of activating the channels.

Important notes:

  • Estimated Time To Get The List in Your Email: if you ordered between 10.00 AM – 06:00 PM Monday to Friday, expect your channels file within 10 – 30 Minutes,
    – If you order after working hours, you will get the file next day
    – If you order your account on Saturday or Sunday, your channels file will be emailed next business day (Monday)
  • Estimated Time Required To Upload The List: 3 – 7 Minutes

Important notes about the app:

When you subscribe for your AMAZON TV, we are expecting that you already have the application IPTV installed on your TV.

This application is not for us, and we dont sell you the application, we sell the channels list file ONLY.

The AMAZON TV  app store gives you 7 days free trial on your TV to use the APP, after 7 days you have to buy the app from the TV app store or visit the app developer website to activate the app and for more info.

So, Do not Contact us in case your trial period on the app is over, and activate your app by going to


Refund Policy For AMAZON TV Accounts:

When you buy a subscription for your AMAZON TV, you have only 48 Hours to report any issue you are facing, or to ask for a refund, after 48 hours of activating the account, it will not be refundable.